Phonetic Spelling Essay

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If you sense that a word may be used incorrectly, look it up.This activity will encourage you to become actively engaged in the process of spelling, which is the only reliable way to improve your spelling skills.

Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites. Be careful of words that don’t change when they’re pluralized (e.g., fish, sheep, moose). Be sure to also check out this list of commonly confused words to help you choose the right spelling of words with similar meanings and pronunciations.

Around Shakespeare’s time, when spelling was first becoming standardized, the spelling of most English words was mostly phonetic—or at least more phonetic than it is today.

There are many kinds of dictionaries available, both in print and online.

Some of your instructors will have strong preferences about spelling conventions (preferring Canadian over American spelling, for example), while others will accept any standard spelling.

You can turn the spellchecker back on at the very end of the process, just to be sure that a spelling error didn’t get by you unnoticed.

If it did, study the word so that you are less likely to make the same error again.

While Canadians generally prefer the British – Many writers and editors keep a list of words that they find difficult to spell correctly on or near their computer while they work.

If you notice that you routinely misspell certain words, consider learning from your mistakes by creating your own personal “difficult words” list.

Students who over-rely on spell-checkers suffer particularly during exams, when they do not have access to electronic aids.

You can develop your intuition for correct spelling by turning the spellchecker off and devoting at least one revision to spelling.


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