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Plato will later argued that incontinence occurs when a person’s desires move him to progress or act in the way that he or she wants to perform. Confucius is another prominent figure that has been relative to the modern development of a moral character.

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Although these philosophers diverge with their arguments, they in some sense have similarities.

These similarities will show how the matter of a character is important and crucial to the human nature.

When the concept of virtue is spoken, this would emphasize the distinctiveness or specialty, but it all involves the combination of qualities that make an individual the way he or she is.

Based on this definition, the insight of a moral character can be viewed differently.

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It implies to how individuals act, or how they express themselves.

In another words, it is “human excellence,” or unique thoughts of a character.

Furthermore, Aristotle argued that people get angry at certain things and redundantly stepping up to what he or she thinks is right.

On the other hand, as Aristotle states, the deficient of this character is harsh and unacceptable.


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