Poverty Case Study In The Philippines

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Visit for more related articles at Business and Economics Journal Poverty is a condition or as experts say a disease of the society that is traditionally characterized by the lack or insufficiency of basic human needs, such as potable water, sufficient nutrition, health care, essential education, clothing and shelter, because of the incapacity to afford them.

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In addition, since acedia is opposed to charity, a person under the former‘s influence will not develop the conviction to uphold what is right from what is wrong in terms of spiritual righteousness, neither could he be capable to utterly love another person, for his mind is already dirty with thoughts that challenge love, empathy and virtue. Thomas Aquinas, stressed the point of how this vice could ultimately tarnish a person‘s spirit and virtue in many of his works regarding this spiritual vice.

For instance, in his commentary on 1 Corinthians, Aquinas clearly stated that certain sins are not merely satisfied with carnal pleasure, but only in spiritual pleasure, and among these include pride, avarice and acedia.

But the issue is that by doing such, they tend to spend more, thereby making they fall farther down below the poverty pit.

For instance, they will drink all day after receiving a hard earned wage, without remorse for saving.

More so, the civil wars among the warlords, highlighted by the Operation Gothic Serpent of 1993 further aggravated hunger.

However, poverty goes beyond the usual theoretical roots, or even above its structural flaws.

Some experts suggest that corruption, misuse of rich national resources, as in the case of Africa, perennial political conflicts and unrest are the common culprits (Table 2). In case of Somalia and other African countries, the IMF intervened on the countries agricultural sector.

Table 2: Classification of poverty (source: Lectures in poverty management by prof. This caused dependency and eventually led to importation and famine a far cry from the status quo ante of Somalia before the international intervention, when it somehow exhibited a relative level of sufficiency.

Empirical and even anecdotal examples from people around would surely testify how these poor people act.

For instance, poor people are the ones who like to bet on games of chance gambling, per se.


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