Pre Kindergarten Homework

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I assume that many of them may have thrown it away!So I asked the parents to either provide their own binder or buy the one that I gave their child. About six or seven parents chose to buy their child a new binder, and gave me back the one I purchased.

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all the time with my students, and they come up in their homework frequently.

(See the picture below.) If I provide a place for the children to put them, then I don’t find them floating around all over the insides of their backpacks (as much!

They always know just where to look for the most important papers that need to be signed and where the homework and Read Aloud Charts will be found.

It is so much easier for them to keep everything organized this way!

I usually have to ask a parent to replace maybe one a year, usually because the child has been too rough on it and the rings got too bent to close. When it didn’t show up after about a week and a half, I called.

It eventually was returned, having been left in a non-custodial parents’ car.

Last year, I started off the year by giving each child a brand new binder.

But even so, I have noticed that many parents buy their child a different binder anyway, keeping my binder at home.

Our binders have the following items inside of them: The children were supposed to read all of the words on the chart as quickly as they could.

Then the parents were supposed to write the date that they practiced with their child, hopefully practicing each night (Well, some of them did it!


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