Problem Solving Questions And Answers

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Ideally, you want an answer that shows the following: This question tests their creative problem-solving skills and initiative.

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Problems are opportunities for improvement, both for an individual and a company as a whole.

Essentially you are looking for an answer that recognises this.

A strong answer showcases that the candidate is considered in their decision-making and has a formal process of thought, instead of becoming overwhelmed and acting rashly.

You should be looking for those that have a formalised process that makes sense, and that shows that they don’t just ask for help the entire time..

Whether they solved a problem single-handedly or flagged the issue to a superior, you are looking for applicants who played a key part in arriving at a solution.

This question tests how they problem solve before making a decision.

You don’t want to hire someone that is constantly asking for help and knowing that a candidate has given some thought to potential strategies will provide you with assurance.

Problem-solving strategies could vary from data-driven or logical methods to collaboration or delegation.

Foresight is about identifying issues before they actually become issues.

Being able to see into the future and red-flagging a problem, is something that you should not only value, but covet – being thoughtful helps avoid disaster.


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