Pros And Cons Of Ethanol Essay

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The areas that are needed for storing can be particular large.There is no doubt that biomass energy is one of the few potential replacements for fossil fuels.

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One is the 45 cent per gallon subsidy (called the VEETC) that is paid to oil companies to blend ethanol into gasoline.

Because the oil companies are also mandated to blend ethanol, the subsidy is mostly redundant.

This means you can spend 1/3 less every year on heating your home and after 10 or 15 years that adds up to a considerable saving Biomass is available in large quantities all over the world.

Large pipelines across country borders and oceans are therefore most likely not necessary. In some areas we find that biomass projects may not be worth the price and is therefore never finished.

Biomass has a wide array of uses such as directly as heat or to generate electricity with a steam turbine.

Biomass can also be used to make methane gas, biodiesel and other biofuels. We will always have the sources of biomass such as crops, manure and garbage.

The benefits of both a renewable and clean energy source cannot be overlooked.

It will be interesting to see how big of a part biomass energy will play in the future.

Biomass is organic matter from plants and animals (microorganisms).

Photosynthesis is the name process that stores the energy from sunlight in plants. Waste such as crops, manure and garbage are all excellent sources of biomass fuel.


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