Psychological Egoism And Ethical Egoism Essay

Psychological Egoism And Ethical Egoism Essay-28
Now you may have some objections to the life insurance case, but the point is that you probably believe some actions are wrong even though they are in your self-interest.

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Universal ethical egoism is the idea that everyone ought to seek their own self-interest, not just me.

Universal Ethical Egoism is stronger because it includes everyone, not just myself.

Unedited Lecture/Video Notes on Ethical Egoism For the video, click below: Ethical Egoism Video Chapter 3: Ethical Egoism: should morality be based solely on self-interest?

Main Idea: Ethical egoists believe you should always act in your self-interest. Ethical Egoism reminds us that self-interest is a virtue, but most philosophers believe ethical egoists are mistaken in arguing that it is the Nor should you choose to live as an ethical egoist for you will miss out on the best experiences in life like the deepest forms of love, friendship, wonder, and beauty that destroy all conceptions of self and self-interest.

If it is, it should be able to: A) explain, or be consistent with, your core moral beliefs and, B) help you lead a meaningful and flourishing life.

It should also be based on facts when facts are relevant.

This chapter will focus mostly on universal ethical egoism. As you read, evaluate the strength of each argument for ethical egoism.

Exercise and Criticism Now that you have explored some of the arguments for ethical egoism, do you think it is a strong ethical theory?

There is, after all, a chance you will get caught and end up in prison.

Or maybe some God will send you to Hell for murder.


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