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You don’t have to be in the same room to do this—you could email a copy of your paper to your friend and ask him/her to call you and read to you over the phone.You don’t necessarily need to recruit a friend to read to you.And it’s also a great way to spot typos and other grammatical errors in your work. Better yet, you can get Word to read to you on both Windows and Mac versions of the software, leading to a seamless experience across both platforms. If not, click the Play button in the upper right corner of the window.

As listeners, we need the order of ideas in a paper to make sense.

We can’t flip back and forth from page to page to try to figure out what is going on or find information we need.

If you come to the Writing Center for a tutoring session, you will probably hear your tutor say, “We always read papers out loud—would you like to read yours, or would you like to hear me read it?

” Reading aloud has many benefits that we want to share with writers.

Most people have far more experience listening to and speaking English than they do reading and editing it on the printed page.

When you read your draft out loud or listen to someone else read it, your brain gets the information in a new way, and you may notice things that you didn’t see before.

For native speakers of English (and some non-native speakers, too), reading out loud is one of the most powerful proofreading techniques around. What kind of impression will your voice in this paper make on a reader?

Sometimes sentences aren’t grammatically incorrect, but they are still awkward in some way—too long, too convoluted, too repetitive. Hearing your paper can also help you get a sense of whether the tone is right. Sometimes hearing your words helps you get a more objective sense of the impression you are creating—listening puts in you in something more like the position your reader will be in as he/she moves through your text.

When you hear your paper read out loud, you may recognize that you need to re-order the information in it or realize that there are gaps in your explanation.

Listeners also need transitions to help us get from one main idea to the next.


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