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We’re interested to know your thoughts on this and to hear your experiences of advising postgraduate students when writing their recommendations. The conclusion and recommendations chapter is the climax of a thesis.Consider recommendations go one step further than conculsions as (a) ‘something’; (b) ‘someone’; and (c) ‘needs to do’.

Listed below are his ideas about ‘appropriate’ recommendations: Many postgraduate students make recommendations that are too broad, too generic, or not directly related to the exact topic of their research.

These recommendations are not wrong; they are simply not specific / relevant enough.

managers in local government need to consider the mental well-bing of their staff); or recommendation for (d) training / education (e.g.

health promotion officers employed in inner-city Birmingham need to be trained in being culturally sensitive to several large ethnic minority communities to help them fulfil their role better in the community).

Examiners like to see some more mundane recommendations that come specifically from the thesis / research work.

First, you should not really recommend anything that you have not previously discussed in the Discussion.

Prof Edwin van Teijlingen (HSC) examined a Ph D candidate last year whose recommendations were only vaguely related to the work presented in the thesis.

Since then he has examined several Ph D theses which had an interesting range of recommendations not directly related to the student’s study findings.

In thesis conclusion and recommendations chapter, the researcher should be able to tie the different sections of the thesis into a complete whole.

These sections include the problem statement, the research questions, the literature review, and the study findings.


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