Reflective Essay On Business Plan

It has been almost a year that I started the entrepreneurship in action module, and it is bound to finish.

Through this innovative program, I keep good and bad souvenirs but I have developed a wide range of knowledge and skills anyway.

The first day, I have discovered the customer needs model.

This model is about knowing the three basics component that a product has to fulfil to meet the basic customer’s expectation (cognitive, emotional, and physical).

That is another teaching of this module for business people.

Reflective Essay On Business Plan

I officially opened myself to a new world: the creative world (with the FRIEZE fair) and then became more creative.

Despite some tensions and disagreements about the method, we have been able to agree on a safe and cost efficient way by producing the Yammy plates ourselves.

As I have said before, managing conflict was a big issue in the team.

Actually, I did not realise it, but when I wrote down the list of all the knowledge I have acquired through the year, I was really surprised and so satisfied.

Indeed, I have been able to expand my general knowledge related to entrepreneurship, meet new people (the mace students), open my mind, improve myself as a person and create a small business with students from other backgrounds.


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