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As a first step, he decided to start communicating with Mr. An entrepreneur needs to learn to co-exist with competition in the market. And it’s important to keep the competition healthy and not indulge in unethical, dirty tactics in the market.

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Learn to co-exist After the whale incident, Pi had to reconcile to the fact that he has to live with Mr.

Parker on the lifeboat, an idea, which he had been resisting so far. Parker jumped in the waters of Pacific Ocean, looking for fish, Pi helped him to get on board and slowly, he started developing a bond with him. Parker is both a co-founder and a competitor for Pi in his entrepreneurial journey. With co-founders, it’s important to communicate clearly, define roles and responsibilities and ensure that you don’t encroach upon each other’s spaces.

Probably, the most important resource for an entrepreneur is money and in the beginning, when income is low and uncertain, an entrepreneur needs to make sure, the money (resources) lasts till revenues kick in or next round of funding (help) comes in the choppy waters of entrepreneurial journey.

In life also, continuous planning for different stages of your life, and not only during the difficult days, when resources are low, will help you live a good life.4.

Keep moving When Pi reached the mysterious floating island of carnivorous algae inhabited by meerkats, it seemed like, he has reached an oasis of life with bountiful food, water and shelter.

But, it probably symbolizes the idea of settling for something average when there could be something much better in store.Don't put all your eggs in one basket When Pi found Richard Parker on the life boat, he got scared and threw all the supplies in the lifeboat to a makeshift raft and tied it to the life boat and decided to shift to the raft.At that moment, it looked like the wise thing to do, without taking into consideration greater dangers, still unknown to him.If you’re an entrepreneur, think of the handbook as your business plan.It’s important to keep it handy and work according to the plan and of course, keep referring to it, when you’re in doubt and monitor progress as you go along.It’s difficult to follow different paths at the same time, as many of them are conflicting in nature and often create confusion and make it difficult to stay focused and at times, lead to wastage of crucial resources.As an entrepreneur, it’s also important to choose your mentors, guides wisely.Entering unknown and uncharted territories without adequate research and throwing resources at the market and not protecting your own backyard could be a deadly mistake, few startups can afford.Also, if you have limited resources and there are multiple products, fighting for the same resource, it’s better to spread your resources across groups to reduce dependency on 1 product to succeed, which is a low probability in a highly uncertain startup environment.A captivating story with many dimensions and visually stunning, the movie leaves you engrossed till the end and has also got high ratings from both the critics and audience.There are also some great lessons in life and business, that one can learn from Life Of Pi.1.


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