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Another important point that Cameron must take care is about ithe currency rate risk, they work with the currency U. , but they don’t not know how the exchange rate fluctuates in the European Union, for what they have to know how to handle all costs and whether it will be able to make a profit at the end of the operation.Cameron did not know basically what kind of economical barriers exist within the European market and what kinds of regulations must meet in order to enter there.

Two years after signing a license agreement in the UK, the company now faces an opportunity to establish with another firm a joint venture in France for the European market.

However, the prospect upsets the UK licensee who is clearly doing very well, and who even wants Cameron to consider joint venturing with him in Australia.

Cameron manages to increase its production capacity because it has money to do so, also manages to get new technology from its partner, allowing you to keep up with competition.

Due to the agreement, Cameron no longer has to worry about the exchange rate since Mc Taggart will be in charge, since the utilities have to be good to hand out to them.

In the midst of “Operation Survival” Alex decides to do something about diversification, bringing to four engineers, designers and instructors. 5 million in equipment for quality products, faster service delivery, but not Price.

In late 2003, the Cameron situation returned to normal, although there was a need to invest in a new plant to separate the line of production of flexible couplings.

Throughout the case we can see like Alex Cameron solves the problems of beginning, to the point of starting to recover economically the company.

The situation had changed, and now the problem was that Cameron Parts could not satisfy the demand, they don’t have the production capacity for it.

Before becoming an independent company higher profits because they no longer need to partition the same.

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