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Fortunately, fuzzy linear An Alternative Solution Technique of the JIT Lot-Splitting Model for Supply Chain Managementfree download ABSTRACT Recently, Kim and Ha for supply chain management: Enhancing buyersupplier linkage, Internat. The excellence of the supply chain is possible only when the product Sustainable supply chain Management metrics: A Literature download Abstract Sustainability is the preservation of natural resources for future use.

The topic is gaining wide acceptance and recognition because of the adverse effects of human activities on nature.

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Supply Chain Management Key Factorsfree download Abstract This paper exposes Supply Chain Management by its key factors.

However, incorporating reverse logistics in green supply chain management (GSCM) strategy is not a trivial task.

Total quality management on supply chain management: A study on logistics companies in Malaysiafree download Customers are having higher purchasing power nowadays and they are seeking for better quality products and services.

The literature on financial supply chain and supply chain finance primarily grows out of analytical models or mathematical programming Quality Management in a Three-Level Supply Chain: The Role of Methods and Costsfree download Abstract While various techniques for improving product quality have been proposed, the supply chain network is often taken for granted.

This paper considers quality control within a three-level supply chain and provides interesting findings that differ from the existing A logit-based model for facility placement planning in supply chain managementfree download ABSTRACT The facility placement in supply chain management entails suppliers and consumers along with the terminals in between for distributing commodities.

As a result, many organizations are taking initiative to integrate a quality process into their daily operation in order to meet customers' The Indian rural market is set to become a billion dollar market in the years to come.

With over 70% of the economy centred on the rural parts of the country, the marketers are now seeking ways to address this issue, as immense potential is latent in the rural parts of the This study explores the relationships between facets of a firm's green supply chain management (GSCM) efforts and the preferences expressed by its consumers for its products.


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