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Consider counter-examples and play devil's advocate. Think about who will read your essay and why this information might be important to them.In the case of class assignments, your audience will of course be your instructor. Next, create a preliminary bibliography to include potential sources.Some keywords for our example topic would be Shakespeare, allusion, Tempest, Miranda, utopia, Huxley, and Brave New World.

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But also keep in mind how your fellow students will respond to your argument. While Wikipedia can sometimes be a good place to start research, during the preliminary proposal stage you'll always need to make a trip to the library.

Start off the information gathering with a search of your library catalog.

Look at what else has been written on your topic, keeping note of how recent the materials are.

Come up with a list of keywords to use during your search that are likely to come up in discussions of your topic.

Sketch out your areas of interest in a way that makes sense to you. If you're more visually inclined, create a mind map, or a graphic depiction of information arranged spatially on a chart.

Some common ways to define your topic include: Returning to our example, you might find some inspiring aspects of Huxley's real life intriguing.

The thesis also assumes that Huxley references Shakespeare with ironic intention.

A look at literary criticism of the novel or biographical information about Huxley would potentially support this claim.

The current unit covers topics in literature, science and 20th century society, including readings by Aldous Huxley, Philip K. You particularly enjoyed reading Brave New World, so you decide to write about Huxley.

Here's a tip to get started: choose a topic that ignites your passion.


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