Review Of Literature On Diabetes Mellitus

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However, people do not consume single food groups but rather a combination of many foods.These patterns were characterized by high intakes of refined grains, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, and processed meat and were all significantly associated with diabetes risk.Conclusions: Our meta-analysis suggests that diets according to the Mediterranean diet, DASH, and AHEI have a strong potential for preventing diabetes, although they differ in some particular components.Patterns from exploratory factor and principal component analyses characterized by red and processed meat, refined grains, high-fat dairy, eggs, and fried products (“mainly unhealthy”) were positively associated with diabetes (RR: 1.44; 95% CI: 1.27, 1.62), whereas patterns characterized by vegetables, legumes, fruits, poultry, and fish (“mainly healthy”) were inversely associated with diabetes (RR: 0.84; 95% CI: 0.77, 0.91).Reduced rank regression (RRR) used diabetes-related biomarkers to identify patterns.Background: Different methodologic approaches for constructing dietary patterns and differences in their composition limit conclusions on healthful patterns for diabetes prevention.Objective: We summarized evidence from prospective studies that examined associations of dietary patterns with type 2 diabetes by considering different methodologic approaches.The wide variety of approaches for evaluating DPs and the heterogeneity of pattern composition have not been adequately taken into account in previous systematic literature reviews (SLRs) that have aimed to summarize the evidence of DPs' relation with diabetes risk.Reviews have been restricted to either a priori patterns (9) or exploratory approaches (10), or have summarized exploratory patterns along with a priori patterns such as the Mediterranean diet (11, 12), although they do not share identical components.Patterns derived by exploratory methods need to be generally considered population-specific, which limits the potential for meta-analytical summarization.Therefore, patterns were only considered for meta-analysis if they were characterized by a set of concordant food groups, admitting one food group missing.


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