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Both characters, while keeping their initial flaw as depicted in their Shakespearian plays, are stronger women who can overcome their flaws with Constances help.In Othello, as stated, Desdemona is characterized as passive and submissive to her husband, with only occasional bouts of resistance to him, like when she states she had done nothing to deserve being hit by him (4.1.236).

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Both of the female leads, Desdemona and Juliet, are shown in new perspectives as compared with their Shakespearian counterparts.

Mac Donald, as opposed to Shakespeare, portrays her as being smarter and more mature than she lets on.

This is an example AQA A Level English Literature Othello Essay answer. The question answered was a essay titled ‘Examine the view that, in this passage and elsewhere in the play, Desdemona is presented as “a typically naive young woman whose love is little more than hero-worship.’ Please do not reproduce these documents without the author’s permission.

Overall, the Desdemona portrayed by Mac Donald, instead of being a source of submissiveness to her husband, like Shakespeare portrayed her, is instead a source of powerful feminist inspiration for Constance.

Shakespeares Juliet is often seen as a victim of nave young love, becoming infatuated with Romeo and marrying him at a young age after less than a day of knowing him.


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