Romanian Culture Essay

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(pronounced michi) which is a finger sized grilled mince meat sausage, usually consisting of beef mixed with pork and sheep, and then heavily spiced with garlic, pepper and paprika.

While we ordered a salad with every meal after a couple weeks our bodies were craving green veggies.

Our last city in Romania was Sibiu where we managed to find an incredible salad (bottom left).

Before we arrived in Romania my idea of their typical cuisine was meat and potatoes. It is prepared differently in various regions throughout the country, but the concept is similar: .

I expected that vegetables were pretty much non-existent in Romanian food and finding a good salad would be a challenge. Meat is definitely a big part of Romanian food, and they really know how to do meat right. Salads were a challenge, at least ones without cabbage in them, but not impossible to find. My favourite variation was in Bucharest, prepared with bacon and vegetables and served in a bread bowl.


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