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) pulls this together into everything stands for — the monstrousness of slavery and the indomitable human will required to keep going in the face of it.

) pulls this together into everything stands for — the monstrousness of slavery and the indomitable human will required to keep going in the face of it.

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(It also doesn't hurt that the story is packed with action, melodrama, and even lighter moments — for better or worse, in a while, it's ... But it was made on a too-small budget in 1977 on ABC, a network that never quite believed it would be a hit and forced creative compromises on the filmmakers that undercut slavery's brutality.

To watch it now is essentially to have to preface the viewing with an hour-long lecture on why ' strongest quality is simply that it looks like a TV series being made in 2016.

Because he is descended from slaves, that story must begin with slavery, but it's still, on some level, a family drama.

Spiritual echoes of his African past haunt Kunta well into his middle age, and the same naming ceremony, held beneath the stars, is carried out, again and again, across generations of his family.

Kunta's kidnapping, for instance, gains several layers of complication here that don't really add much to the overall story.

But this allows the 2016 version's (slightly) more artistically adventurous filmmaking to underscore the story's central idea of family connections' ultimate primacy, an idea expressed in visual motifs and images that recur again and again.

This version is also better directed, particularly in the first installment; directed by Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce, it concludes on a gorgeous image of Kunta Kinte, bleeding after being viciously whipped, collapsed on the ground and cradled in a pieta-style pose by Fiddler, ash drifting around the two of them.

There are similar moments and images in the original, but Noyce's eye for tiny visual details (that ash!

were literally a shot-for-shot remake of the 1977 original (and it's not), it would still have worth as the latest retelling of a story America probably doesn't retell as often as it should.

And because of the original's popularity, the remake stands a good chance of getting TV viewers to grapple with something this hard to look at straight on. It remains one of the handful of genuinely important television series ever broadcast.


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