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Sometimes bulletedindicators are used under each general descriptor to provide concrete examples or tell-tale signs about what to look for under each descriptor.

Sometimes bulletedindicators are used under each general descriptor to provide concrete examples or tell-tale signs about what to look for under each descriptor.A good rubric makes possible valid and reliable criterion-referenced judgment about performance.What did you mean when you said above that rubrics could affect validity.

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Cannot we easily imagine that on the performance dimensions of “contact with audience” and “argued-for importance of topic” that a student might be good at one and poor at the other?

The rubric would have us believe that these sub-achievements would always go together. Oral Assessment Rubric criterion across all the levels.

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On may rubrics, for example, the student need only produce “organized” and “mechanically sound” writing. Have we identified the most important and revealing dimensions of performance, given the criteria most apporpriate for such an outcome? One simple test is negative: can you imagine someone meeting all the proposed criteria in your draft rubric, but not being able to perform well at the task, given its true purpose or nature? For example, many writing rubrics assess organization, mechanics, accuracy, and appropriateness to topic in judging analytic essays.

Surely that is not a sufficient description of good writing. It’s all about the purpose of the performance: what’s the goal – of writing? Does the rubric provide an authentic and effective way of discriminating between performances? These are necessary but not sufficient; they don’t get to the heart of the purpose of writing — achieving some effect or impact on the reader. It should “work” or yield a certain effect on the reader.

In complex performance the criteria are often independent of one another: the taste of the meal has little connection to its appearance, and the appearance has little relationship to its nutritional value. What this means in practice is that you could easily imagine giving a high score for taste and a low score for appearance in one meal and vice versa in another.

Yet, in a holistic scheme you would have to give the two (different) performances the same score.

But some rubrics use words like “traits” or “dimensions.” Is a trait the same as a criterion? Consider writing: “coherence” is a trait; “coherent” is the criterion for that trait.

Here’s another pair: we look through the lens of “organization” to determine if the paper is “organized and logically developed.” Do you see the difference?


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