Rwanda Genocide Research Paper Outline

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this was an important factor, in-regard-to the causes of the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda because of the resentment that had boiled up among the Hutu populations over the colonial preference of the Tutsis.

The colonization of Rwanda played a major role in the contributing elements that lead to the genocide, for example, the policies implemented by the Belgians saw the adoption of identity cards, which highlighted the ethnic background a person; whether they were a Tutsi, Hutu or Twa.

As the Europeans imperialist came to Africa they developed admiration for the ruling Tutsi group.

They were convinced that the success of the Tutsi political and economic sectors revealed their superiority.

This led to the displacement of many Tutsis trying to avoid these measures.

The tables had now turned on the once ruling Tutsi people, clearly bringing to light the discrimination faced by them.

This had lasted until the independence of Rwanda in 1962.

(Destexhe, 1995) For 60 years, the colonial policies of divide and conquer strategy to rule over Rwanda, caused fierce resentment.

This had the effect of attaching a sub national identity to all Rwandans and dividing the nation into categories.

This lead to, a perception of a hierarchy among these race groups, which further added to the resentment, which added to the bitterness; this would later help to fuel the massacre at an alarming rate.


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