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Technical writers are the communication professionals who create the text used to convey technical information in instruction manuals, frequently asked questions (FAQ) resources and journal articles.

Most technical writers work in scientific and technical services or the manufacturing and information industries.

However, these professionals are also responsible for creating or attaining the visual elements – like diagrams, charts and photographs – that help users understand the product.

Today’s technical writers may also be responsible for creating interactive presentations of technical information, including video and audio elements.

Art directors are the design professionals who choose the art, photographs and other visual elements that go into an advertisement, publication, motion picture or life performance.

They come up with a vision for how the design will look and the manage artists, graphic designers, photographers and set builders who work to create the vision.Though a talent for design is crucial to success as an art director, the work isn’t all about the creative side.Art directors also need to handle business responsibilities like interfacing with clients, working with other departments involved in the project and creating and following budgets and timelines Most art directors get their start as creative professionals in fine art, photography, editing or graphic design.Technical writers need to draw from both communication skills and technical knowledge.That means these professionals need an education that emphasizes writing and communications but also a background in the technical subject they want to write about.In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in their chosen subject, aspiring art directors typically spend five years or longer gaining experience in their arts and design roles and building their portfolios before they advance to this high-level, and highly compensated, role.Salary: ,610 Education: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography or Graphic Design Creative Field: Visual arts IMAGE SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons, public domain If you build up your technical knowledge, you can turn a passion for writing into a career that earns more than double the median annual salary in the United States.There are plenty of careers where creativity is a central requirement, but workers can still expect to earn well above – and in some cases, two to three times – the median salary for all occupations. You can communicate ideas through visual art, from photographs to paintings, and you have a knack for presenting that art through stylish and effective layouts.Here are 10 careers that will allow you to earn a living while still following your creative passions. A role as an art director in an industry like movie production, publishing or advertising and public relations would be an excellent way to put those talents to use.The role also involves doing research into the product’s design, development and use.Writing out complex technical information in ways that are simple, accessible and easy to understand is the crux of a technical writer’s job.


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