Scientific Method Essay

Scientific Method Essay-75
The following pages contain a summary of the Scientific Method.The first step in the sequence is stating the problem.

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Also, you can always talk to other people to pick up information.

Sometimes, you can even use knowledge you have learned from your own past experiences.

In a controlled experiment, a researcher manipulates or changes one factor and observes other factors that change in response to the manipulated one.

All other factors are controlled or kept constant throughout the experiment. The independent variable is the condition or event under study.

In the beginning steps of the scientific method observations are made, questions are posed, and a research hypothesis is formed.

This is a general statement of the answer to the question and is derived by inductive reasoning.

From what you have seen, you decide that Spartan fertilizer helps houseplants grow well, and you design an experiment to test this idea.

You set up the experiment as follows: 25 periwinkle plants of the same size are potted in individual 6” clay pots.

The second step in this sequence is gathering information.

Doing this step well makes it easier to come up with a good experiment that makes sense. You can do research using written sources like newspapers, magazines, the internet, and more.


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