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When users click on the result in the results list the user is taken directly to the fulltext article.This does not mean the version is available through Google Scholar (to take the most known Academic Search Engine).

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Knowing how, and where, to search for resources is vital for saving time and getting quickly to the results that matter.

One of the best ways to increase your hit-rate is by going beyond Google to a specific academic search engine or database.

Last but not least, certain fulltext content indexed in free Academic Search Engines is only available for a fee.

This means all information referenced in Academic Search Engines is not free.

Every click of the mouse, every search box, needs to work hard to make the best use of a researcher’s time.

Search Engines For Research Papers Principles Of Stellar Evolution And Nucleosynthesis Solutions

For each gem of a resource that a researcher discovers, there may be a dozen abandoned web pages, armies of half-read abstracts and false leads.

SEO in simple terms is the different methods you can use to ensure the online visibility of a website or a webpage in a web search engine's unpaid results list.

The ultimate objective of the SEO process is to get a webpage ranked within the first ones listed on the search results page. SEO for academic articles is called "Academic Search Engine Optimization" (ASEO) and its purpose is the conception, publication, and formatting of scholarly literature in a way that makes the literature easier for academic search engines to crawl (identify) and index (catalogue and showcase).

With so many online resources, it is sometimes difficult to narrow down one’s search and find not only reliable and useful academic information, but information that is also free.

I picked a few of my favourite free Search Engines and Reference Works for research, and listed them in alphabetic order below. In the future I will probably create another list that focuses more on economic data and statistics.


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