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An additional, user-defined, filegrups can be created to contain secondary files (.ndf).We will create 12 filegroups for every month: After creating additional filegroups for storing data we’ll create a partition function.

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In this case to reduce access times the BLOB columns can be split to its own table.

Another example is to restrict access to sensitive data e.g. Vertical partitioning splits a table into two or more tables containing different columns: An example for vertical partitioning can be a large table with reports for employees containing basic information, such as report name, id, number of report and a large column with report description.

Horizontal partitioning divides a table into multiple tables that contain the same number of columns, but fewer rows.

For example, if a table contains a large number of rows that represent monthly reports it could be partitioned horizontally into tables by years, with each table representing all monthly reports for a specific year.

After selecting a column for partitioning click the Next button.

In the Select a Partition Function window enter the name of a partition function to map the rows of the table or index into partitions based on the values of the Report Date column, or choose the existing partition function: The Estimate storage option determines the Rowcount, the Required space, and the Available space columns that displays an estimate on required space and available space based on number of records in the table.Assuming that ~95% of users are searching on the part of the report name, number, etc.and that only ~5% of requests are opening the reports description field and looking to the description.var microsoft = microsoft


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