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Short Simple Essay My Family-77
If children quarrel with each other, the big differences, all the obstacles are solved with mutual harmony and love. The secret of this prosperity is the discipline followed by family affection and dignity.The feeling of sympathy towards each other is a solid foundation of the family. Nobody can dare to see my family with a sense of humour on the strength of unity.

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There are numerous methods of showing my cousins and brother support.

One main way is by providing advice on making the right choices.

The time for eating, reading, playing and sleeping is certain. If there is a problem, the family faces the problem by being united. We always cooperate with neighbours’ grief and pain. Grandfather collects children from the neighbourhood and teaches them. Due to these qualities, my family gets proper respect in the neighbourhood. We give enough importance to the ancient Indian concept of ‘Atidivi Devo Bhava’. We are surprised if neighbouring families fight among themselves.

Neighbours give examples of our solidarity here, which is a matter of pride for us. Due to being a big family, friends and guests often visit. If there is ever any difference among the members of my family, then it is settled peacefully.

The sacrifice that they make everyday when the go to work to support four kids who they never owed anything, never had to call themselves our parents, but they took us in and called us their own and they are angels walking, for the wonderful impact they have had on the lives of me and my brothers.

Growing up in a large family there will always be troubles and when the ages are so far apart there will always be growing pains.

For example my brother had a problem at school with one of his classmates.

As a mature and responsible older brother, I advised him to use the non-violent approach.

Not only do I support my parents, but I also support my younger cousins and brother.

As an eldest brother and cousin, I feel I must be a good example for the young ones.


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