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In some ways Shrek behaves like a traditional hero when he saves Princess Fiona.He is brave and courageous when he was fighting the dragon and fast when he was running away from the fire.He looks heart broken especially when he sees Donkey and Dragon cuddling.

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When Shrek told the story of a princess, he spoke softly and calmly.

The pictures and words in the book that Shrek was reading out aloud were medieval.

There are also animals that are behaving strangely, handsome princes and the beautiful princesses and settings in exotic faraway places.

In 'Jack and the Beanstalk' the giant is horrible and vulgar, "I'll grind your bones to make my bread".

Although in some ways Shrek appears like a traditional ogre, you think Shrek is different to one because he jokes around and doesn't kill or hurt anyone.

Although Lord Farquaad looks like a lord and seems to be in place of a prince, his actions suggest that he is evil.There is a moment in "Shrek" when the despicable Lord Farquaad has the Gingerbread Man tortured by dipping him into milk.This prepares us for another moment when Princess Fiona's singing voice is so piercing it causes jolly little bluebirds to explode; making the best of a bad situation, she fries their eggs. "Shrek" is jolly and wicked, filled with sly in-jokes and yet somehow possessing a heart.The movie has been so long in the making at Dream Works that the late Chris Farley was originally intended to voice the jolly green ogre in the title role.All that work has paid off: The movie is an astonishing visual delight, with animation techniques that seem lifelike and fantastical, both at once.For example when he was torturing the ginger bread man for information and sending knights to rescue the princess instead of himself.The story of Shrek uses presentational devises to reverse our expectations.Like when Shrek is in the meadows with Fiona, they make the lighting bright because it's a joyful part of the film and they use low angle shots on Lord Farquaad to make him look intimidating.In summary, Lord Farquaad, Princess Fiona and Shrek are unlikely characters in a traditional fairy tale. Slow music is used when Shrek overhears Fiona and Donkey and misinterprets their words because Shrek is upset.A song about broken dreams and promises is played when Shrek returns home.


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