Sign Language Homework

“This is more of a tool to break down those barriers between the physical language of ASL and English or Spanish.”Sign Aloud could even help translate ASL into other languages, or be used as a pure input device from ASL into a computer, says Azodi.Even in its current state, Sign Aloud could also work as a teaching tool for folks who want to learn ASL, as it could give students instant feedback on what they were actually signing.Also, liking our facebook and keeping an eye on our events can be helpful.

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I was seven years old when I finally started to speak.

I had that communication barrier for a good amount of time.”Azodi and Pryor met when they were freshmen.

This involves learning the alphabet, finger-spelling, facial expressions, vocabulary, and grammar structures.

At home, students access homework videos that feature the local queer signing community and a collection of Deaf culture information such as identity politics, cultural norms, history, current topics and issues, etc.

The courses have a voice-off policy in order to both be respectful of signing spaces and to immerse ourselves in a signing environment.

People who complete Queer ASL classes are able to carry basic conversations with signing queer folks and have a better understanding of the deaf/signing community.

Innovating past existing limitations is what earned the team the ,000 award, which Azodi isn’t sure how they will spend.

The money could help pay their tuition or perhaps even get them a nice dinner, Azodi jokes, but refining their gadget is top priority.

[ASL] is more than just words and phrases, and we know that. What we eventually want to get is for Sign Aloud to categorize a majority of the language,” says Azodi.

The two creators, Azodi and fellow sophomore Thomas Pryor, planned and built Sign Aloud in their dorms and the school’s Co Motion Maker Space.


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