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Nurses and social workers provide the patients with adequate information so that they can make an autonomous decision.This information should help them make up their mind free of compulsion or internal and external influences.

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Cultural competence is vital for health experts who struggle to deliver the greatest level of health care to all patients.

This concept is also applicable to linguistically and culturally diverse patients.

There are issues which arise when delivering these health care services. The origins of these disparities are multi-factorial and the greatest contributors are associated with the social and ecological determinants of indigenous health.

It has been established that offering cultural safety training to medical specialist can be one way of reducing these disparities.

This entails: Social workers and Nurses working in a hospital ward have different duties to carry.

However some of their ethics, values and principles are similar while others are different. The ethical values provide a basis for nursing foundation (Dixon 2002, p. Ethical values/principles are described as a foundation for nurses’ decision making.The main and fundamental principles for nurses include Nurses and social workers working in a hospital ward ought to be devoted to their work.The most essential value of professional behavior is respect for patients.There are numerous alarms and problems which can crop up for patients as they take medication and plan for their future.In a hospital setting, social workers have values, ethics and principles to uphold.Cultural safety and cultural competence are words which are greatly used in indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse health framework (Williams 2009, p. Cultural competence centers on the ability of the health system to improve health and welfare by incorporating culture into the delivery of healthcare services.Barsky, A 2009, This essay on Social worker in a hospital was written and submitted by user Zaniyah Campbell to help you with your own studies.These principles and ethics help them maintain a favorable hospital setting.They provide help to patients and their families with regard to the extensive range of individual concerns and pragmatic needs which may occur during treatment.These key vales, ethics and principles include; Social Work is dedicated to working with patients and helping them to achieve the best possible levels of individual and social welfare in the context of sickness, disability, medication and recuperation.This is channeled by a vow to the pursuit of social justice and the enrichment of quality of life (Barsky 2009, p. This is attained through immediate service provision, teaching and research and contributes to the objective of providing most favorable health care.


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