Spanish 1 Essay Rubric

Spanish 1 Essay Rubric-80
This can include a variety of past tenses to describe habitual and one-time actions, as well as tenses to describe events that happened before or after another event.

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To improve your Spanish, it’s important to apply the concepts you’re learning directly in practice.

Writing is an especially helpful way to do this, since you can develop and practice specific grammatical structures, and then ask for feedback from a native speaker, your tutor, or a teacher.

What compromise can you request in order to not receive a failing grade?

17) Create a short poem — it doesn’t need to rhyme.

This will help you practice describing cost and specific details (for example, size or shape), as well as expressing requirements and commands in a polite way.

7) Write an opinion piece in which you express your subjective opinions, wishes, and feelings about a controversial issue.Not only will you be using family-related vocabulary, you’ll also get practice describing age and occupation. Detail why you like him or her, and also make use of physical and personality descriptors (. This will challenge you to correctly use colloquial expressions as well as unique vocabulary that will take you outside of the box of typical Spanish vocabulary.5) Relate a specific event, either historical or personal, that occurred. Bonus points if you rewrite it again in the future tense or the plus perfect tense!Describe your trip, your travel partners, your activities, and your experience of this new place.25) What goals would you like to accomplish in the future? Try to practice writing one prompt each day or each week; by committing to a specific schedule you’ll make substantial and long-lasting progress as you learn how to speak Spanish.Most of all, enjoy using these prompts as a creative way to find your voice, Joan B.A lover of language, she’s studied French, Arabic, and Italian and spent time living in Spain.You can choose a political topic, a personal decision, or anything else that can be argued for or against.22) Write a short gratitude note — what are you grateful for today? 23) Introduce a reader to your town, city, or region — what’s particularly unique and interesting about it?Use diminutives to express your affection for the person.15) Write a paragraph introducing yourself for a job.


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