Sport Role Models Essay

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Many players are paid to play the game; they are not saving lives, and are not making the world a better place.

Players are now being immature for example, the USA Olympic hockey team that trashed their hotel room.

When I ran with a more pretentious crowd, Bob Dylan and Holden Caulfield were once offered up, but never Joe Namath or Magic Johnson. Because any adult with a social IQ greater than a 10-year-old knows that athletes are hothouse flowers—worshiped, but isolated, from cradle to grave for their talent with a ball.

In an interview with, Steven Ortiz, a sociology professor at Oregon State and the author of several published studies on athletes' bad behavior, explained:"Spoiled-athlete syndrome begins early in sports socialization.

While they are NOT ideal role models, and should NOT have to act as one, the overemphasis on sports in our society means that impressionable kids see every move these stars make.

So, while athletes should NOT have to act as role models in an ideal society, they do have to in this one.

A fan's love is intense but ultimately self-serving—we love athletes who win.

But we're not loony enough to give them any real power after they retire.

What if one day we become unable to tell the difference between cosseting divas and suborning felons?

And if Ben Roethlisberger has done even 20 percent of what he's been accused of doing, that day has already come.


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