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But in reality, they will actually read your So P and they will decide as to whether you should be accepted or not.Another interesting fact is that the way how you write your So P can significantly affect their perception of you as a potential candidate.

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All the writing we do for clients is original and we do not start any writing until we preview the information you submit with your order.

We do provide an So P sample (an example of a statement of purpose) as we get started to make sure that you are pleased with the writing and we send you drafts as they are completed for you to approve.

Each statement of purpose example that you can read on our site is simply a sample.

You should never take the chance of copying any part of it because it is available online.

If you have already checked out many of the available guides to writing a Statement of Purpose on Amazon, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Their authors are all mountain climbers who scaled Everest at the age of 12, and cured cancer in their spare time at the age of 15.

And to top it off, they wrote an essay about their nearly unbelievable accomplishments that sounds downright poetic. The truth is, these essays are the best of the best of the .

When looking at the best So P examples, you will clearly see how successful applicants made it through their applications.

You might think that a So P does not have any bearing to your application.

Many graduate schools report that the Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of an application.

If you’re applying to graduate school, it is the only aspect that you control from beginning to end – you cannot write your own letters of recommendation, change your GPA, or retake the GRE with your own set of questions – but you can control what your Statement of Purpose says about you and your ambitions.


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