Strategic Business Plan Examples

Strategic Business Plan Examples-41
What is your projection for the next three to five years?Identify the assumptions leading you to believe the Revenue Impact and Ease rankings are accurate.

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These 3-year strategic business plans help your company grow and sharpen your competitive advantage.

It is this business strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

This should be very high level and not provide too much detail. Typically, this page includes approval signatures from the board of directors or senior management.

This page reinforces their commitment to the strategic plan.

Be sure that you clearly identify issues that you want to tackle.

List your overall strategies, such as gaining market share and the specific tactics that will help you get there.

Now you're ready to begin the process of developing and implementing them.

You may be interested in our blog post that includes a Slide Share to help you get started to develop Winning Moves to Winning Moves must bring you revenue growth.

Some examples of Winning Moves for Profit include the following: Winning Moves are your company’s leading indicator of future revenue growth and financial health.

Conversely, lack of Winning Moves is the leading indicator that you will hit the growth ceiling and stall. These are the steps to identify the 1-3 Winning Moves you want to include in your 3-5 year plan.


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