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Chest tuberculosis (CTB) is a widespread problem, especially in our country where it is one of the leading causes of mortality.The article reviews the imaging findings in CTB on various modalities.The German doctor Robert Koch is considered the founder of modern bacteriology.

Chest tuberculosis (CTB) is a widespread problem, especially in our country where it is one of the leading causes of mortality.The article reviews the imaging findings in CTB on various modalities.

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Primary TB is acquired by inhalation of airborne organisms and occurs in patients not previously exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

It commonly affects infants and children in endemic areas.

Patients of PTB/EPTB also present with fever, loss of appetite and loss of weight, chest pain or dyspnea.

Role of imaging in CTBCTB is conventionally divided into primary and post-primary (or reactivation) TB (PPT), each with corresponding radiological patterns, albeit with considerable overlap.

Adopting Koch's method, other researchers were able to identify the bacteria that caused diseases such as typhus (1880), tetanus (1884) and the plague (1894).

T D Brock, Robert Koch: A Life in Medicine and Bacteriology (Washington, DC: ASM Press, 1999)C Gradmann, 'Robert Koch and the pressures of scientific research: tuberculosis and tuberculin', Medical History, 45/1 (2001), pp 1-32R Koch, 'On bacteriological research', in German Essays on Science in the Twentieth Century, (The German library, vol.

TB can affect any organ system, although manifestations are most commonly related to the chest.

The lungs are the most common and often the initial site of involvement.

Chest radiograph (CXR) finds its place in sputum-negative patients not responding to a course of antibiotics.

Though computed tomography (CT) is frequently employed in the diagnosis and follow-up of TB, it does not find a place in the national and international guidelines.


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