The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Prompts

The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Prompts-65
I’ll assume that most students would have been introduced to rhetorical analysis already.

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For high school students, it is largely a historical novel, depicting the conditions of migrant farmers in California who had left the “Dust Bowl” of Oklahoma and Texas and traveled to find work on farms and in grape vineyards.

The work is far more than that, however, and college students who study this novel as a part of an American literature course, will be involved in a great deal of analytical study of themes and symbols.

Here are some potential topics that you might want to consider.

There are important themes in this work that will make an excellent essay may be a bit difficult for you if you are pressed for time.

This is not an essay that you will write easily and quickly, as you must make your thesis statement and as each point you make must be supported by examples from the novel.

Sometimes it might be a better idea to get some help from a professional writing service, and this may be one of those times.The analyses could be approached in a number of ways.An entire chapter could be analyzed; the students could identify what they see as Steinbeck’s major purpose in the selection and explain what rhetorical elements uses to convey it.Alternatively, students could be given a section of the chapter, perhaps of a roughly equivalent length to an AP selection.For example, Chapter 23 has several short scenes depicting the migrants’ pleasures at the roadside camps, including telling stories, making music, dancing, getting drunk and getting saved.The synthesis essay calls on students to use research materials in forming a coherent argument; there are a number of topics in the novel that could be grouped with outside readings to provide the basis for such an essay.It’s an assignment that would lead students to examine the novel’s themes more thoroughly and explore their significance more deeply. What follows are two suggested AP writing assignments that could be done with the book to supplement whatever other literary or response-based approach you may choose.As far as teaching to the test, the language exam has a number of qualities to recommend for it despite its necessarily superficial and abbreviated format.Casy accompanies the entire Joad clan during their journey which was marked by terrible events and tragedies.Grandpa Joad died just right after the clan set out on their travel.


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