The Kite Runner Essay Thesis

The pomegranate tree then represents these two themes.It first plots the journey of Amir and Hassan’s relationship from its strongest point to its weakest and then its remembrance.

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The text tells us that Amir shuts his eyes and that all he could see was “the look of the lamb”.

This becomes a metaphor that connects Hassan with the sacrifice.

This is a phrase Hassan once used with Amir, to show Amir the level of his devotion.

Amir has now learnt how strong the bond is between himself and his old friend.

A third symbol we see in the book is the pomegranate tree which is used to represent the friendship between Amir and Hassan at three points in the plot.

Pomegranates are traditionally seen as symbols of friendship in Islamic tradition and we first see the pomegranate tree when the boys visit the cemetery and carve into the tree’s bark “Amir and Hassan, Sultans of Kabul”.

The most important symbol in the text is the Eid sacrifice which represents the character Hassan.

In Islam a goat or sheep is sacrificed to show the loyalty between man and God, in the text Hassan is being raped by Assef because he refused to give up the kite for Amir.

Amir can only deal with his guilt at this point by causing himself hurt.

He is the real coward here, as he didn’t stop his best friend from getting hurt.


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