The Poisonwood Bible Thesis

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I have long relied on the comforts of martyrdom” (Kingsolver 410).The very tone of this phrase represents beautifully the realization that has struck Adah like a lightning bolt in this moment.I am taking all the nourishment here and going on ahead. And so it came to pass…I was cannibalized by my sister” (Kingsolver 34).

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The initial observation of the way these women work the field is unlike the other girls who merely comment that the women pound the manioc.

Adah observes and analyzes the women in a factual manner and yet that last sentence reveals more about her character.

Her mother ran into the room, baby Ruth May bundled in her arms. When Adah’s plea was not answered she was left dumbstruck and proceeded to fight for her life.

Although Adah originally believed that everyone found her life to be of no value she was still horror struck when her mother did not come to her aid, but she still decided to save herself because she realized her own self-worth.

She goes from making a remark that almost scientifically evaluates the women’s movements to making a statement that brings an artistic form of examining the actions and uses powerful imagery for the reader to associate with.

However, Adah does not stay like this throughout the whole novel.

This fateful night carries on into the rest of her days, perhaps not immediately, but it does affect her character in the end.

When Adah finally returns to the US with her mother, Orleanna, she has almost completely undergone her transformation.

Adah finds it unusual to now owe her mother something when her own life has been a constant struggle.

“My habit is to drag myself imperiously through a world that owes me unpayable debts.


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