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The climax of the poem seems to draw all elements such as the plot, character, setting, tone, point of view, symbols, and themes, to make a even flow read.The protagonist opens your eyes to the views of racism, social status, and political equality in America.The protagonist seems to be hinting at the fact that are skin may be different, “yet a part of me, as I am a part of you. Which “that’s American” symbols that it doesn’t matter what color you are America is a country of multi-colored people.

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The main character can be considered a round or protagonist character.

Because of all of his accomplishment it appears that he is very well educated and knowledgeable.

In “The Theme for English B” the author of the poem talks about dominant culture in a school setting from a colored student’s point of view.

The colored student feels that separation of the school is a sign of dominant culture: “I went to school there, then Durham, then here to this college on the hill above Harlem.

Due to during that time period colored were not considered American, but Africans.

During giving his point of view the protagonist begins to show that the symbols and themes are closely related to the task at hand.

The realization of these views sets the tone, symbols, and themes.

The protagonist questions the instructor from the very beginning. ”, because being young, colored, and educated was not easy.

In the narrative poem, “The Theme of English B” by Langston Hughes, it talks about the social barriers in education systems like colleges.

Race can bring people together and also keep groups apart as cultures as another culture is seen to be more superior to the other.


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