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For example, I started this post on how to write an article with a question. In fact, most people don’t take them seriously anymore.That is why you need to be careful if you’re going to start your introduction with a quote.

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The hook has to be short while remaining relevant and exciting.

For example, I started my introduction above by stating that only 10% of readers will continue reading your post within the first 30 seconds if your introduction is not impressive. The purpose of a hook is not only to get the reader’s attention but also lead them naturally to reading the next part of your introduction – the transition.

If the fact is true but commonly known or uninteresting, it won’t be that effective as a hook.

It will not drive a reader to the next section of your introduction and ultimately to the entire post.

This is the average time spent on reading the introduction.

If people are going to spend less than 15 seconds reading your blog post, it simply means that the introduction gave them no reason to keep reading.

The transition makes sense of your title and the hook by showing how it is relevant to the post.

After my hook, I go ahead to explain why 90% of readers will quickly lose interest in your post and why a punchy introduction is necessary.

Asking a question is one of the most efficient ways to start a blog post introduction.

Questions, especially critical ones, arouse curiosity and build the desire to discover the answer by reading the whole post.


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