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The default search gets a unique selector assigned for CSS styling purposes later on.Most of the function above is output of the search form’s content — in this example, the search form will say — and finally, the submit button is made visible near the end of the long line.

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If you want to adjust the PHP code, you can maintain the default Thesis text and/or appearance.

First, we create our function to add the search bar This PHP code looks harder than it is — what’s happening here is: the search bar is being added via a filter, injecting a search input form directly into the main Word Press nav menu on your site.

I’ll also provide some sample CSS code so you can get your form looking square and flush with your menu.

Hey presto that will give the entire menu bar the same background colour as the links (menu tabs extending it right across your content box.

Using Percentages, as youll notice, for numbers of menu items that dont divide evenly into 100, there will be left over percentages (for example, with 3 menu items 33, your menu items will fill 99 of the menu bar, leaving 1 at the end.

Set this image as a background image in your header_area div. Thanks to your feedback, Flex 1.1 now includes optimized video support, an optional desktop navigation menu, and a more customizable call-to-action area. After we launched the new Flex Skin, you guys had lots of good ideas about how we could enhance the Skin and make it even better.In short, the search bar and nav menu integration needs to finish looking something like this: Note that the gray border around the entire menu is part of the search-in-menu integration — the border is shown here to highlight the area we’re discussing. For illustration purposes, white space was removed so the image would fit in this entry column.The clickable submit button you can see in the search form above is optional — you’ve probably seen the default “To search, type and hit enter” version without a submit button.Next is making the search bar match your navigation menu visually.Most users find CSS relatively simple to experiment with compared to PHP, so while the below search form styling is presented for demonstration purposes, feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.Then create one single element package and configure as per below image. It is recommended that you round down to the nearest whole percent as different browsers use different rules to round percentages, and if you end up off by a pixel due to browser rounding, your last menu item will appear on the next line.If youre using the full-width framework and want to extend your menu bar across the width of your entire site, as I did here and here, then you can follow one of these processes. For example, if your second menu item is too long and you want your 5 items to expand full width, you might use a distribution of 15,40,15,15,15 instead of 20,20,20,20,20.However, once you know to add a search bar into your primary WP menu, it’s easy.We’ll step through the process, avoiding code that gets into “workarounds” involving z-index, negative margins, and so forth.


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