Top 10 Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Top 10 Excuses For Not Doing Homework-81
One can just make an excuse like “my computer or laptop crashed” and many other technical issues can also be blamed.The teacher usually understands this scenario and he or she might give you an extension to submit homework.

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Disturbance from the neighborhood – There was a lot of disturbance from the neighborhood and you cannot concentrate.

This trick can for when you missed your homework out of any reason.

Below are the top 10 intelligent excuses for not doing homework that have been shared on social media recently.

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When everything fails just make the old school excuse that you were not well.

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You may say that you had a cold, fever or a headache. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Accuse the technology – Blaming the technology for not doing homework is the simplest and the most convincing excuse to justify your situation.So make a solid reason and ask your teacher for an extension as anyhow you cannot escape homework.Your reason should be appealing enough that your teacher finally agrees to your excuse and leave you for not doing homework.Simply saying and being apologetic that you were stuck in finishing up the extra-curricular activities can save you.This is considered to be an out of the box excuse to give your teacher for missing homework.An understanding teacher can apprehend your situation and allow you an extension.Most of the students choose to say that they were busy in practicing for basketball or any other sports tournament.You can also give him/her another excuse that you left your homework notebook on the study table at home.This excuse can surely help you justify your scene.


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