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Registered trademarks can also be assigned, of course.

In both cases, the assignee must apply to the Registrar within six months.

The assignment of a trademark occurs when ownership of such the mark as such, is transferred from one party to another with or without the goodwill of the business.

In case of a registered Trademark, such assignment is needed to be recorded in the Register of trademarks.

Trademark rights are transferrable through assignment agreements.

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When a trademark is assigned by an owner to another party, its ownership is conferred upon the other party, either completely (with goodwill) or for a limited number of products or services (without goodwill). Such an agreement (often called an assignment deed) can be signed even if the trademark is unregistered; creative designers, for example, are often asked to assign ownership of the work to the entity that commissioned it.According to the Trade Mark Act, 1999, contrary to the requirement in case of an Assignment, the registration of a license agreement with the Trademark Registrar of a mark is voluntary, not compulsory, and it is advisable.Moreover, like in an Assignment agreement, it is again important that while drafting a License Agreement, the rights and the duties of the licensee are distinctively pre-determined and defined.Trademarks are usually assigned by way of a properly executed Trademark Assignment Agreement which refers to to the transfer of the mark from one person or an entity who is the owner to another.It is to be ensured that when drafting such an agreement that: 1.Therefore, the goodwill attached to such brands with respect to the product that has already been sold under such brand, is not transferred to the buyer.(Example: AB, the proprietor of a brand “Pure” relating to the dairy products, sells his brand to YZ such that will not be able to use the mark “Pure” with respect to the dairy products but can use this brand for any other product being manufactured by it.Only the owner of record may take action in a trademark matter pending before the USPTO, including prosecuting an application (i.e., applying, responding to office actions or submitting statements of use) or submitting documents such as Section 8 affidavits of use to maintain a registration. The recordation of transfer of interest documents at the U. Patent and Trademark Office Assignment Branch is a ministerial act. Licensed Attorney for Trademark Searches and Applications; File or Defend an Opposition or Cancellation; Responses to Office Actions; Send or Respond to Cease and Desist Letters. This site is for informational purposes only and is provided without warranties, express or implied, regarding the information's accuracy, timeliness, or completeness and does not constitute legal advice.The original applicant is presumed to be the owner of a trademark application or registration, unless there is an assignment. It does not include a decision on the legal sufficiency or the legal effect of the document(s) offered for recordation. No attorney/client relationship exists without a written contract between Not Just Patents LLC and its client.Rights of the owner of the brand are not adversely affected due to the obligations contained. Requirement and the decision regarding whether the assignment should be with or without goodwill of the business is clearly mentioned and negotiated 3.Agreement should be drafted keeping in mind the purpose of transaction in question A mark is licensed by way of a License Agreement.


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