Travelling Hobbies Essay

Camera gear is heavy, so it’s important to be aware of any health or safety concerns.

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There is so much interesting stuff to photograph in other places including landscapes, wildlife, architecture, and people from other cultures.

Travel broadens the mind and exposes you to new concepts and ideas and is an excellent learning opportunity, provides so much creative Travel broadens the mind and exposes you to new concepts and ideas and is an excellent learning opportunity.

Getting out of the house, walking about, or even hiking is often a side-effect of getting into photography.

If you are into landscapes then you have to go to where the landscape scenes are, and that often means some form of exercise.

In her book, “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear”, Elizabeth Gilbert writes a great deal about creativity and inspiration.

She says it is good for us as individuals, and that the world is a better place for having art in it.Studies show that slower learning over time helps build strong new linkages within the brain.New knowledge will accumulate over time, as you keep putting effort into learning a new skill.Photography is a very acceptable form of creativity that allows endless flexibility in how you adapt it to your own personal style.That style can grow as you learn more and start to experiment with different things.Given that photography has so many elements, the science of light, the technology of the camera and the creative artistic side, there is a lot to learn.So whatever your age, now is the perfect time to start learning photography.It might be that the capabilities of your phone frustrate you enough to want to get real about photography.However it happens, suddenly you find yourself with an empty bank account and some form of camera gear that you now need to figure out how and where and maybe even, why to use it.So many opportunities to do new, interesting, and fun things with your camera that you likely may not have otherwise done.All sorts of things become interesting when they can provide you with material for photographic adventures.


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