Useful Vocabulary For Essay Writing

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What to include in college essay movie critique essay examples apa format.

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You need to know the requirements of the exam, which should be available to you, and to know what kind of essay they expect.

Perhaps you can see some examples - that would be very useful.

In IELTS Exam, there are 9 common topics used for IELTS Writing and Speaking, namely Health, People, Energy and Environment, Media, Traffic, Home, Crime, Work, and Education.

Below are the download links for the aforementioned top 9 common topics for IELTS Exam.

Think about how to link your points using logical linking devices such as 'however', 'although', 'in addition' and so on.

Useful Vocabulary For Essay Writing

After you finish writing, read it carefully to check that you have included all of the required information.

'to' and 'for' both have so many different uses (follow the links and you'll see what I mean) that it's not possible to summarise them in general.

If there's a specific situation you want to ask about, perhaps we can help more, so please don't hesitate to ask us if so.

All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Dear Learn English team, I have read the linking expression "in the other hand" instead of "on the other hand" and I would like to know if it is proper to use "in the other hand" in some situations and "on the other hand" in others.

Thanks, Eduardo Hello ehernandez07, The linking expression is 'on the other hand'.


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