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To show inspectors that your vending machine is legal, you'll be issued with a small sticker to place on the machine.

To show inspectors that your vending machine is legal, you'll be issued with a small sticker to place on the machine.

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Operating a vending machine business can be a great investment.

The major financial challenge involves buying the machine itself.

Good ideas include contracting out with sporting venues and arenas, schools, offices, children's camps and even gyms.

Be prepared to explain to each business that your vending machine will add value to their operation.

You'll likely need to pay a "rental fee" to the company so that they can benefit monetarily.

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But you can also explain how the company can benefit from having customers or employees who aren't hungry or thirsty thanks to your machine.The success of a vending machine business then hinges on two crucial aspects: placing the machine in a high-traffic area and stocking it with popular items.If you're looking for a side hustle to supplement your income, consider placing just a few vending machines in local businesses.For simplicity, choose just one city or county in which to operate your vending machine business.As you get the hang of it, you can expand into neighboring municipalities.For example, if you've noticed an increasing demand for healthy vending machines, maybe this is where you'd like to focus your energy.Or, perhaps you have a very unique idea for a vending machine, such as a DVD, video game or book vending machine. But of course, there's also snack food, candy and cold drink vending machines.Once you have a vending machine placed in a business, you need to regularly check on it.You'll make the host company happy by keeping it stocked. Eventually, you'll get an idea for its average performance and how often you need to collect money or restock it.From there, you can scale up the business as much as you want, even turning it into a full-time job in which you rotate through each location on a regular basis to retrieve money and restock the machines.But there are a few things you need to know about starting a vending machine business before you get started.


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