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Whales are innocent mammals and they should not be hunted. They are killed by inhumane techniques and many has to die in a long period of time from suffocation.

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It continued to be used as an illuminant particularly in the headlamps of miners.

Although Americans had ceased to hunt sperm whales the commercial uses of spermaceti and sperm oil both lasted well into the 1960’s in a variety of industries including leather tanning, cosmetics, the garment industry and in the manufacture of typewriter ribbons.

Whale oil Otherwise known as “train oil” the whale oils are varying shades of brown in color, depending upon the age of the blubber from which they were boiled and the general health of the animal from which they were obtained.

Yankee whaling merchants sometimes adopted the phrase “brown oil is better than no oil,” in their instructions to their ship captains meaning that rather than return home without having filled the ship with sperm oil, they were to take other whales instead.

Whale oil has an ancient history having been used in medieval Europe as an illuminant and a lubricant as well as food.


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