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Outside of a mechanical classification, most critics categorize books as either good or great.

For instance, if you are a biology major, you might write about categorizing different types of dinosaurs into modern categories.

For example, some dinosaurs exhibit bird-like characteristics, some exhibit characteristics most like reptiles, and some may have been warm-blooded like mammals.

In general, outside sources should be used to support these points, unless the professor or instructor gives permission to use hypothetical examples or examples from memory.

The conclusion should bring the categories or divisions back together and explain their importance again.

For instance, "Dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period displayed characteristics of reptiles, birds, or mammals." The supporting paragraphs should each discuss a category of items mentioned in the thesis.

In the dinosaur example, one paragraph would discuss how some species of dinosaurs developed feathers and displayed many of the characteristics of modern birds.People like to be familiar with new things, to look at their daily lives from a different point of view.You can use wide-known facts, your personal experience, or analyses of other theorists.In order to make an appropriate and correct division, you should define your topic.Afterwards, think more about your interpretation of the problem: how this division will express your opinion on the topic.Scholars have come up with different ways to classify books.The most used method of classifying books is by library codes.You can also compare all the groups, so that you will be able to arrive at some conclusion concerning the topic (for instance, what is better: to be beautiful or not? A classification implies categorization and the process of constructing a hierarchy.Try to construct strict criteria and follow them consistently.The purpose of classification and division essays is to encourage students to think critically about the ways in which items or categories of items relate.Classification and division essays are similar in most regards.


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