Writing Medical Papers A Practical Guide

Writing Medical Papers A Practical Guide-26
Structured abstracts typically mirror the major sections of the body of the manuscript, including introduction/objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.Be sure to consult your chosen journal’s formatting requirements to ensure compliance.We could add the problem of the manuscript that does not deal with the goals of the journal, as a maladjusted submission.

Drawing on our own collective experiences, as well as that of others, our goal is to review the scientific writing process and discuss best practices and common pitfalls.

We structured these points in sections that correspond to a typical scientific manuscript (eg, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion).

As such, abstracts should convey, clearly and concisely, the key and/or novel elements of your research.

Depending on journal style and article type, a structured abstract or brief and unstructured abstract may be required.

Reviewing published examples of abstracts from the journal you intend to submit may also be helpful.

A well-written abstract will not ensure acceptance, but a poor or hastily written one will certainly jeopardize or prolong time to publication.

It insists about the care given to the Instructions for authors as “the first step to the success”.

The fourth section describes the review process and corrections, and emphasizes the importance of the point by point reply to the reviewers’ suggestions.

A special section is devoted to the publications ethics, the problems of duplicate submissions, “salami” submissions of parts of a same study, and disclosures.

A section “good do know” summarizes the procedure after acceptance of the manuscript: production chain, production editor, typesetter, building of the proofs—corresponding author—indexing, factors—role of publishers, supporting the journal, plagiarism search, subscriptions, marketing and distribution, open access. A 5 page index allows a quick access to the different topics.


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